Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pakistan celebrates 64th Independence Day with pleasure

Many youth come on the roads to celebrate their independence day of Pakistan. They carried many play cards written slogans “Jeeve Pakistan”, “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Happy Birthday Pakistan” e.t.c.
Many families also enjoying on the roads, many shops and markets decorated with lights. Many people decorated their houses with flags; children are enjoying in the parks and eat foods on the streets.

In the heart city of Pakistan Lahore, many citizens gathered at the Minar-e-Pakistan ground. People are dancing on the music. Many bikers are ridding fast and one-wheeling on the road. Where you go in the Lahore city you see the different types of celebrations.

When you visit the city of Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan and economic hub, but now days is facing violence. On the Independence Day citizens of the city also decorated their houses, markets, shops and institutions with flags. Many young girls and boys make a Pakistan Flag tattoos on their face. Some are use high music on their vehicles and dancing on the roads.    
In the city of Karachi at the same time 5781 persons sing a national anthem make a new world record.
The situation of the country is not good because some criminal elements are doing negative activities and distorted the peace of the country. They want to make a bad image of the Pakistan but on the Independence Day all nation join hands to each other to fail the all negative plans of criminals.
In the city of capital also decorated with the flags, people of the city gathered on the parks and some are gathered in the Faisal Masque where they pray for Pakistan Future. Some university students are also enjoying with dancing and parties on the day of Independence.
In the City of Sargodha, Many young persons gathered at the “Company Bagh” where they are dancing and enjoying the crowed. Many people do fun with bikes and cars on the main roads of the city. Peoples of the city decorated the houses, Markets, and shops with heavy lights and flags. Citizens are enjoying and also participate in the celebration of the country.


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