Saturday, 13 August 2011

Just in: Eleven vehicles torched in Karachi By terrorists of MQM

Eleven vehicles torched in karachiContinously the terrorists of MQM are spreading unrest within the region due to the orders of their roguish leader Altaaf hussain.
Reported: Many areas of the city facing violence and are under heavy firing. Police covered the area but suspect do not found clearly. 
When unknown suspect burnt a passenger bus, a passenger was torched at the spot and at least ten got injuries due to attack. 
Government is trying to control on the violence in the city but still failed to control. 
The areas of the city are under firing Nazim Abad II, Hassan Square  and Nadriya market area. 
Police two suspect arrested who were trying to burn a vehicle in the city.


Maryium said...

All politicians are surviving at the cost of lives of innocent people,either he Nawaz sharif,Imran khan, Choudhry shujat,Altaf or any other,They are sitting in peacefully in their homes disrupting the peaceful life of the citizen,They are amassing wealth.They are making their bank their bank account stronger by weakening their country. They have millions of dollars in in foreign bank.If u want to abuse ,abuse these politican,who are liable to all kind of punishment.they are friend to eachother. And Supporting MQM.

XLI CODE said...

All the politicians must be hanged till death. then this anarchi will be vanished. We must kick out this so called CIA planted democracy out of our beloved country Pakistan.

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