Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Pakistan Military ready to intervene in Karachi

Chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has told the newspaper that the Pakistan military’s ready to help in assisting its government to fight off those ethnic and political violence at Karachi.
His statement came when there are growing calls for more troops to be deployed there as over 70 people had already died since Wednesday of last week as a result of the clash between 3 political parties and their 
armed personnel. He said that they are ready once the government call them but he also emphasized that the situation there could still be improved with paramilitary and police force.
Kayani was also quoted that if the deteriorating law & order problem continue, it would serve as an injustice to the economy of Pakistan. Karachi has witnessed clashes amongst the political parties from Sindh, ANP, PPP, and MQM.
As stated by the Edhi rescue service it’s unfortunate that over 1,400 people died because of violence in the political and ethnic arena since this January. The military won’t be readily available for the violence in Karachi as they are also being deployed to fight al-Qaeda and Taliban at the Afghanistan border. The 3 political parties used to be partners but MQM had withdrawn its partnership. PPP and MQM are currently in talks to get back together.

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