Wednesday, 31 August 2011

London hit-&-run collisions' injuries: 65 peoples hurt/killed in every week

New figures show more than 65 people are hurt in hit-and-run collisions in London, the UK capital, every week, with the incidents reaching over 3,400 last year.The hit-and-run incidents left at least 15 people fatally injured and 300 others seriously hurt in the capital last year, the daily Evening Standard reported. 
The rise in the number of illegal drivers in London was blamed for the problem, according to Green Party mayoral candidate Jenny Jones.She also criticised a £2?million cut in the budget of the Metropolitan police unit that investigates hit-and-run collisions. 

The number of people injured in hit-and-runs increased by more than 300 last year.However, there has been a big reduction since 2002, when there were more than 5,800 such collisions.

The budget for the Met's Traffic Operational Command unit fell this year to below £45?million, from £47?million in 2009-10."The traffic police are a small but incredibly efficient part of the Met and they do a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances”, said Jones, a member of the Metropolitan Police Authority. 

"But the number of hit-and-runs London is seeing is absolutely astonishing. Something really needs to be done about it”, added Jones. 

"My belief is that it's to do with the increasing numbers of illegal drivers who are on the roads. It's all about good enforcement”, said the Metropolitan Police Authority member. 

"We can't catch all these drivers without good enforcement and that means the traffic police having the funds to do their job.” 

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