Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Indian intelligence agency R&AW established new wing against Pakistan & China

Indian primary intelligence agency known as Research & Analysis Wing has formed secret wing, a special desk to tackle and resist the influence of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). 

The hindu zionists are working on every dirty axis to hurt Pakistan, and beside being exposed in supporting terrorism in Baluchistan, Pakistan through BLA/BLF snakes. The chief of R&AW rajinder khanna is personally supervising the operations held by the special desk. Which will involve in assassinations within the region, expanding proxy war inside Pakistan, there basic aim is to promote anarchy and chaos using private media as a tool.

Gen Rizwan Akhter, chief of the I.S.I (intelligence agency of Pakistan) has gathered undeniable facts and info on this regard. Modi government has awarded 300 million dollars to RAW for the operations to the particular desk. the officials in this special desk to be called as "research officers" instead of "agents" within india.

Additionally the desk is given charge to impediment of military and technological support by western countries to Pakistan.

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