Thursday, 27 January 2011

11 USZ troops killed in Afghanistan - Death toll hits 214 in January

According to latest reports coming from Afghanistan, an American tank hit a roadside bomb in Sahib Bazaar of Alingar District at 4:30 pm yesterday. 4 American invaders were killed as the tank was literally shredded to pieces as a result of the explosion.

Earlier yesterday, at around 10:00 am local time, a foot patrol of American invaders was attacked by Mujahideen in Kharwar district’s Shikhano village which turned into a 1-hour clash in which 4 invaders were killed on the spot and 3 seriously wounded later on succumbed to their injuries. The remaining American soldiers fled from the battlefield. With these recent incidents, the death toll of American and NATO forces in the Graveyard of Empires has reached 214 within the month of January, 2011. It is pedagogical to note that not a single mainstream news channel is unveiling the true statistics of war in front of the international community.

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