Thursday, 27 January 2011

{EOP}Activities of RAW in Kashmir

The Kashmiri struggle has turned into a new intifada recently when youth, children and even Kashmiri women took to the streets, armed with stones—the weapons of the oppressed civilians against tyrants—braving death.

The Indian military has used every tactic and means, ranging from bullets to curfews to sealing off the territory, in order to restrain and silence the voice of Kashmiris from reaching the world. There is a whole new dimension to this civilian uprising as it is an exact replica of what the Palestinians are doing against the aggression of Israel. Thousands of women, children, students and common men are part of this rebellion that has unnerved New Delhi completely. This is the Kashmiri intifada. Some news agencies and locals through the internet and other alternate media are highlighting the happenings on the streets in IHK. These news reports have created serious PR and diplomatic problems for India. The traditional Indian claim, that Pakistan is responsible for harboring and launching the “terrorists” in Kashmir to cause unrest and rebellion has blown to tatters. With the entire population of unarmed native Kashmiris on the streets against the Indian occupation, New Delhi is running out of ideas to ebb the current uprising. This movement has destroyed the morale of the Indian forces, as with every passing moment a new story of brutality is popping up in the media. 

Historically, Pakistan remained the primary source of strength, support, aspiration and encouragement for the Kashmiris' struggle for freedom and desired to join Pakistan as Kashmiris of Azad Jammu & Kashmir did after getting independence. The Kashmiri freedom fighters used to get their strength and courage from the events of 1948 war between Pakistan and India when a new born, fragile and militarily weak Pakistan decided to fight against the Indian illicit occupation of Kashmir and liberated 37% of the valley. Joining Pakistan has remained the ultimate dream of the Kashmiri generations since 1947. But like everything else, 9/11 and Pakistan's policies

Pakistani leadership engrossed with trivial domestic political considerations, and vested interests, is almost totally oblivious of the happenings across the borders. In fact security of the State is not their concern. This column relates to a Machiavellian conspiracy being hatched by India to deflect the ongoing indigenous freedom movement in IHK, cause commotion in AJK and to give a new sinister dimension to its orchestrated propaganda against Pakistan as being a State which harbours terrorism. Having spent a couple of weeks in gathering information from various quarters and knowledgeable sources, I am certain that this time Indian RAW with the backing of its foreign partners is going to put Pakistan really in a difficult situation, where it would be somewhat impossible for it to get out. The objective of the RAW's sinister plan is to force Islamabad and the APHC leadership in IHK to bow down before New Delhi.

The conspiracy, for which preparatory work has been completed in all respects, is the formation of a fake group of militants in the name of “Kashmiri Taliban” that will be launched under the guidance of Indian National Security Advisor's Office. This would be heavily funded from secret fund while arms and ammunition would be arranged from Afghanistan, mainly of the Russian origin instead of Indian manufactured items to prove that the Kashmiri Taliban have surfaced on the pattern of Tehrik-i-Taiban Pakistan, with the backing of TTP and Afghan Taliban.

Those having information about the conspiracy divulged limited information but from several other sources I have gathered that this so-called Kashmiri Taliban group is openly to support an Independent Kashmir which, they would claim, should include Gilgit-Baltistan and Aksai Chin. The objective of this demand would not only be to create an impression in Pakistan that Kashmiris are no longer interested to join Pakistan but also to create some misunderstanding with our time tested friend China. Attacks by this group would also create anti-Kashmiri feelings inside Pakistan.

Sources revealed that the group would be tasked first to launch a few mock attacks inside India to establish its credibility and then carry out a series of devastating attacks inside Azad Kashmir and even in Pakistan in the name of Islamic Army of Kashmiri Taliban (IAKT) on the pattern of banned TTP. The whole purpose is to create the situation like FATA where the Taliban enjoy control before the launching of a final military operation in IHK. 

Another benefit to India would be to seek the support of the United States and other Western countries under the pretext that Kashmiris, Pakistanis and Afghan Taliban are chips of the same block and they need to be crushed simultaneously. It is an open secret that ever since 9/11 developments, India has been trying its level best both through diplomatic offensive and media onslaught to equate Kashmiri freedom movement with terrorism. This is because the world today is focused on the issue of terrorism considering it as the biggest threat to the security of the globe. Pakistan following an ostrich like approach has failed to establish that in fact India itself is indulging in State terrorism in IHK. Luckily, there is now growing realization among the international community that the renewed Kashmiri Intifada is totally indigenous. So by creating Kashmiri Taliban, Indians would be trying to give a new dimension to the entire issue so as to win the sympathy of the world.

According to some sources, RAW's plans to deal with the Taliban were also discussed with some US officials who accompanied President Barack Obama during his visit to India from November 6 to 8. Manmohan Singh had impressed upon President Obama that unless Pakistan was forced to act against Kashmiri militant groups “inside Pakistan” and the US plays a direct and bold role to crush all Kashmiri militants, it would not be possible for India to work in a broader strategic cooperation with the Western world.

It was in this perspective that officials of the two countries debated the issue in detail and agreed upon the intelligence sharing on the basis of “counter terrorism” initiative signed in July 2010. Cooperation will be broadened between the American Homeland Security and Indian Home Department. To seek sympathies of the Americans, Indian officials also handed over a fake list of two dozen alleged training centres in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir for Kashmiri freedom fighters. The Indian side repeated the old propaganda that ISI was actively supporting and training Kashmiri and other Taliban and urged the US officials to take hard line and use all possible means to force Pakistan to close the training network.

The US officials reportedly expressed their limitations over exerting too much pressures on Pakistan. However Obama reportedly urged Manmohan Singh to work in close coordination with the Western strategic interests in order to gain the long-term benefits. Sources were of the view that there was no consensus between Obama and Manmohan Singh on how to tackle the issue of Kashmir but American President did link the resolution of the decades old problem through peaceful means. However, on the sidelines, American security officials and Indian officials did reach an accord to jointly work on a long-term plan to crush militants' network in the region as part of their counter-terrorism cooperation.

Under this tacit approval by the Americans to crush the militants, Indian occupation forces in IHK would get free hand to crush the indigenous freedom struggle with an iron hand, under the pretext that Kashmiri Taliban were active with the backing of Afghan Taliban and TTP in IHK and if New Delhi succeeded in this conspiracy, the US and its allies would lose faith in Pakistan. This would marginalize Pakistan and remove pressure on India to sit on the negotiating table and resolve the decade old dispute with Pakistan in line with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people for peace and stability in the region. Indian Intelligence officials believe that with the launching of this new outfit, Pakistan will be forced to act against suspected Kashmiris and particularly Lashkar-e-Tayyaba group and lead to arrest of the Kashmiris wanted in India. On the other hand, Indian agents in Pakistan also plan to wipe out some of the known targets and would plant stories in Pakistani and international media that ISI is behind the attacks. Few such disguised attacks or assassinations might convince the Kashmiri militants that Pakistan had finally turned against them.

I would like to emphasize that according to my information it is a well-conceived and dangerous move, with input from Israel and would be handled masterly with the help of Indian and Western media that miss no opportunity of Pakistan-bashing.

Pakistan would this be in a difficult position to defend the onslaught by Indian Government with the backing of powerful and aggressive media. Therefore I would warn the relevant authorities to consider it as a wake-up call and take appropriate measures to deflate the conspiracy by taking on board the United States and Western countries before it is translated into a reality. The young and vibrant Prime Minister of AJK Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan too would have to do some loud thinking because he would be one of the prime targets of the “Kashmiri Taliban.

India has a contaminated history of interfering into the internal affairs of all its neighbors. Driven by its hegemonic mindset to emerge as the unchallenged power of South Asia, India has all along striven to force South Asian states to accept Indian hegemony and never hesitated from resorting to economic strangulation or political blackmail or even naked force to achieve its nefarious designs.
Other than adopting coercive and Chanakyan tactics, its infamous RAW has been indulging in series of battles of intrigues and secret wars to subvert and destabilize South Asian states in consonance with foreign policy objectives of India.. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sikkim, Bhutan, Tibet and Myanmar are its victims of machinations. After identifying vulnerabilities of target country it subtly accentuates political polarization, ethnic and sectarian strife and sense of deprivation among backward provinces. With the help of cultivated criminal and anti-state elements it foments subversion, terrorism and sabotage.
After creating Bangladesh in 1971, RAW continued with its covert operations in the newborn country by injecting dissension among political parties, religious sects and armed forces. It instigated Chakmas in Chittagong Hills against the regime, trained and equipped the rebels and supported their insurgency. It also created and trained Shanti Bahini to carryout subversive activities. RAW had a hand in assassination of Gen Ziaur Rehman in 1981, who was pro-Pakistan and unfavorably disposed towards secularism. Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan being landlocked were coerced and made totally dependent on India through machinations of RAW.
RAW was instrumental in creating LTTE. India had not forgiven Colombo for allowing Pakistani aircraft and ships to use its ports for transporting war needs to the beleaguered Pak troops in East Pakistan. LTTE was a lifelong cancer given by India to Sri Lanka to keep the government compliant. Huge amounts were pumped in for stoking Tamil insurgency which simmered for almost three decades. Sri Lankan forces were fortunate to ultimately crush Tamil Tigers in August 2009 and restore normalcy in restive Jaffna Peninsula. In 1998, RAW orchestrated an attack on Maldives and then dispatched an expeditionary force to help the beleaguered President Gayoom. Idea was to project India as the policeman of the region. RAW has been abetting armed insurrections in Nepal to create internal strife and conflicts and compel Nepalese government to buy Indian weaponry to control trouble. Maoists were instigated to rebel so as to give India an excuse to intervene militarily under the garb of controlling insurrection. Nepal economy is wholly in the hands of Indian moneylenders and business magnates.
India has gone to war with Pakistan three times since Pakistan is its chief adversary and a stumbling block in the way of its expansionist designs. For the fulfilment of its evil plan of cutting Pakistan to size, RAW was created in 1968 and mandated to subvert the eastern province and to create conditions favourable for launching military instrument. It played a key role in poisoning the minds of Bengalis and in straining east-west relations and making East Pakistan chaotic. After cutting Pakistan into two, RAW continued with its subversive activities in other parts of Pakistan and has struck its foundations repeatedly. In league with KGB and KHAD, it lent support to Baloch insurgents in Balochistan in 1970s. Failing to achieve any success, RAW shifted its attention towards Sindh and by end of 1980s succeeded in creating deep-seated antagonism between rural and urban Sindhis and making the whole province volatile. It succeeded in enrolling an extensive network of agents and in inculcating ideas of separatism. Throughout Afghan war, RAW in conjunction with KGB, KHAD and Al-Zulfiqar, indulged in sabotage and subversion to destabilize Pakistan. Victory of Mujahideen in Afghanistan and demise of Soviet Union caused a major setback to Indian plans. Military operation in Sindh in 1992 followed by police action in Karachi in 1995-1996 checkmated ulterior Indian designs. To add to their woes, acquisition of nuclear capability by Pakistan minimized option of open war.
9/11 paved the way for RAW to conduct covert operations against Pakistan in league with CIA, MI-6, RAAM and Mossad. It is using Afghan soil for carrying out massive terrorist activities against Balochistan, FATA and Swat. Zahidan too is being used for destabilisation of Balochistan. From India, only Shahgarh-Kishangarh route is under use to supply arms to dissidents in rural Balochistan. Short but focused operation in Balochistan took the heat out of Baloch insurgency. Full-fledged military operation in Bajaur and in Swat in July-August 2008 and again in Malakand Division in April 2009 defeated RAW sponsored militants posing as Taliban. Operation Rah-e-Rast has taken the wind out of sails of Indian plans and it is still licking its wounds.
After collecting concrete evidence of RAW’s involvement in all restive areas of Pakistan, PM Gilani handed over the dozier to Manmohan Singh at Sharm el Sheikh. Latter rather than feeling ashamed had the audacity to stick to Indian standpoint of bringing culprits of Mumbai attacks to book and dismantling terrorist network in Pakistan. It is over 10 months and Indians are still shedding copious tears over the incidence in which lone witness Kasab captured under dubious circumstances authenticates Indian woven story. As against the dozier provided by Pakistan, information fed by India is full of loopholes. It has nastily made resumption of composite dialogue conditional to acceptance of its illegal demands.
RAW is also responsible for indulging in disinformation campaign and launching bogus websites. It is also confusing ground situation in Kashmir so as to keep world’s attention away from gross human rights violations in Indian-occupied Kashmir. RAW is unable to digest that 20 years junior ISI has overtaken it in terms of efficiency and output. Feeling outclassed and outwitted, ISI has become prime target of RAW’s intrigues. The ISI is considered to be an impediment in RAW’s operations and has been made a target of intense villification campaign. The tirade against ISI continues unabated since it thwarts RAW’s thrusts. Purpose is to keep ISI on the defensive by alleging that it has had a hand in supporting Kashmiri mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Taliban. RAW’s fixation on ISI has taken the shape of ISI-phobia, as in India everyone traces the origin of all happenings and shortcomings to the ISI. Whenever and wherever there is a kidnapping, a bank robbery, a financial scandal, a bomb blast, or what have you, the ISI is deemed to have had a hand in it.
While hypocritically accusing Pakistan of terrorism, RAW has been indulging in terrorism in Pakistan since 1968 at a massive scale. Dozens of RAW agents killed and arrested in Swat, FATA and Punjab in recent months and seizure of Indian origin explosives, ammunition and Indian currency testify foolproof involvement of India in covert operations. Even USA has now hesitatingly advised India to trim Indian consulates in Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif and Kandahar notorious for RAW’s clandestine activities against Pakistan.
Taking into account rules framed for terrorism, RAW stands qualified to be declared a rogue and a terrorist outfit playing havoc in entire South Asia against all its neighbors. It is a treacherous organisation which excels in falsehood and in art of manufacturing concocted dramas to blackmail neighbors, prepare excuses to wage a war or to apply economic sanctions against landlocked countries. Its hands are soaked in blood of thousands of innocent victims. It is solely responsible for keeping South Asia backward which in turn has given rise to extremism in the region. Aggrieved South Asian states should collectively take up a case with UN and asked to deliver justice. If it can pass resolutions against Islamic fundamentalist groups, it should do so in case of non-Muslim rogue outfit as well without discrimination.. RAW must be fully exposed as a rogue and terrorist outfit.
India harbors a delusion that one day Kashmir dispute would stand eroded beyond recognition. There are no indicators that it would happen that way. History tells us that the disputes cannot be shied away; ultimately they have to be resolved. Over the recent months, Kashmir conflict has indeed become an eye catcher for a number of individuals, states and international institutions. Current unease in IHK, which has claimed more than 100 lives, is very different from the previous uprisings. It is largely a home grown non-violent political movement being propelled exclusively by local Kashmiri youth. Youngsters have put Kashmir’s resistance on the internet. A decade ago Indian troops could cordon off Kashmir, yet stay unnoticed; now their atrocities are being observed online 24/7. As international pressure is incrementally mounting on India, her frustration is snowballing. There are no signs of the situation in Kashmir returning to normal. There are ominous indicators that IHK State government is resorting to strong-arm strategy to suppress a genuine political movement of the estranged masses to smother the voice of political dissent. Policy pursued by the Indian state for over two decades from early 1990s onward may soon be back in full swing. This would invariably add an element of militancy to the movement. During the 2009 session of UN General Assembly, President Qaddafi highlighted the disputed nature of Kashmir, though from his own perspective; Libya has since then been sponsoring follow-up actions in support of its Kashmir theme. 

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