Thursday, 27 January 2011

USZ consulate employee murders 3, injures 2 civilians in Lahore (Pakistan)

A foreigner gunned down two people and then ran away from the scene waving his weapons to make his way through the angry crowd of locals. Both men who were shot down passed away when taken to the hospital. On his way out from the murder spot, he hit 3 motorcyclist civilians one by one while in his car and one of them succumbed to his injuries while the remaining two received significant injuries. The incident took place on Qartaba Chowk (Lytton Road), Lahore. As per police, the foreigner named Steve David, said to be a USZ consulate employee, has been apprehended from Old Anarkali. The accused told the police that he opened fire on the deceased at Qartaba Chowk, Lahore in his defence as they tried to loot him.

USZ consulate employee Mr. Steve David

On an interesting note, when Mr. David ran away from the scene after shooting down two men, both wind screens of his car were intact whereas when he was caught later on, there were multiple gunshots fired at the wind screens from the inside since broken powdered glass had fallen on the outside. Moreover his car's rear wind screen was also broken. Apparently he had fired multiple shots from inside his car to give the opinion to police that his car had been shot by the "looters". Eye-witnesses say that a "high profile phone call" forced police to release the murderer without any further investigation.

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