Saturday, 13 August 2011

Kill Zone: 468 Pakistani lives lost to US drones in 7 months

It is to be noticed that American Drones are not targeting tahrik e taliban Pakistan ,because they are funded by themselves to spread terrorism in different areas of Pakistan. But network named as "Haqanni group" which is included in Pakistan supporters, is continuously targeted by zionists drone strikes. A fresh drone strike on Wednesday targetted a militant hideout in Miranshah, North Wazirstan, that resulted in the killing of at least 21 militants allegedly belonging to the Haqqani network.
The Conflict Monitoring Centre, an independent research centre based in Islamabad, has recently issued a report, which reads that since January this year, US drones carried out 51 strikes that resulted in the killing of 443 people in the tribal areas of Pakistan.
Two drone strikes that killed 25 persons in August are not included in this list, taking the total number of killed people to 468 during the current year.

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