Saturday, 13 August 2011

Snipe judiciary declare death sentence to an innocent jawan of ranger in Sarfaraz Killing Case

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This is a dark day in Pakistan's history. The so called "Free Judiciary" charade has hit Pakistan at the roots by giving death sentence to a Ranger soldier who did his duty by eliminating a terrorist in Karachi. On the other hand, terrorists are running wild including several ministers who openly mock Islam and Pakistan! Youth would like to mop the floor with such "Free Judiciary"!!
To hell with these courts who sentence to death the Rangers who was doing his duty but have never convicted a terrorist in the last 10 years! Judiciary is now a part of hostile axis waging a war against Pak sarzameen in these desperate times. Now courts have shattered the confident of paramilitary to protect Karachi against urban insurgents, mafia gangs and separatists. This is a judicial betrayal of the nation. Judges should fear by Allah before Allah decides to judge them!
        The Anti-Terrorism Court – ATC death sentence orders to the one of the Ranger Personnel Shahid Zafar and other six Rangers personnel have punishments to life in jail on Friday in Sarfaraz Shah killing Case,Pakistan News Reported.

The name of accused who were involve in the Sarfaraz Shah Killing Case Sub Inspector Bahur Rehman, Lance Naik Liaqaut Ali And Constables Muhammad Tariq, Minthar Ali, Shahid Zafar and Muhammad Afzal, and also a local contractor name of Afsar Khan are sentenced to be jail by Anti-Terrorism Court – ATC.
In the history of Pakistan not only the single terrorist has been sentenced to death by this so called Free Judiciary. And media which is fifth pillar of the enemies also not give report on behave of that , our judiciary system has been fully collapsed. And we have to say that Cheif justice is not doing his job well. The people of Pakistan restore him to accommodate the good governance and to enforce the Rule of Law. But i think that out judiciary is against us. because Why they wont gave death to a single terrorist, after all thousands of peoples have been killed by terrorists. But out judiciary release them with respect and they again return and attack on our jawans of Pak Army.

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